Test de Nivel: High Intermediate (B2)

1) The teacher told the students ___________the assignment till the last minute.
2) Could you tell me if___________ a market near here?
3) I asked her what time ___________.
4) My sister never asks before ___________ my laptop!
5) Fortunately, Gina ____________ her car washed yesterday. She drove the company president to the airport early this morning.
6) The song “Girls Like You” ___________ last May. It has already reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.
7) Karen is at the beauty salon. She’s getting ___________.
8) It ___________ been difficult for Jenny to overcome the death of her husband. She was only 28 years old when it happened.
9) Nobody cares about other people’s feelings, ___________?
10) Mark ___________have eaten the cake. He’s allergic to chocolate.
11) New surveillance cameras ___________ when I arrived at the office this morning.
12) I’ll never forget __________ you that rainy night outside the cafe.
13) Let’s talk about it later, ___________?
14) After working for five hours, I stopped __________ lunch.
15) I’m kind of impatient at times, __________?
16) You __________ have told Lily all those horrible things. She cried all night long!
17) If you hadn’t accepted the job offer, you ___________ Chris and married him.
18) This coffee is ____________. I think I’ll wait until it cools down.
19) They would have come to the party if they ____________.
20) The temperature ____________ this evening. Take a jacket just in case.
21) Alan is such a huge fan of Isabel Allende! He ____________ all her books twice!
22) They ___________ dating for three years before they decided to move in together.
23) Mr. Thomas ____________ a phone call and left the office in a hurry.
24) It’s ____________ for hours. I wish it would stop.
25) Mrs. Perkins, ____________ used to be my Philosophy teacher, passed away yesterday morning.
26) I’ve never eaten Mexican food ___________.
27) Sam told me he ___________ the movie The Nun the day before.
28) The new principal is the man with the ___________ shirt.
29) Jake is the boy ___________ little brother won the spelling bee.
30) There isn’t ___________ to make the tiramisu. Let’s order some ice cream instead.