Test de Nivel: Intermediate (B1)

1) There was ___________ traffic this morning that I arrived 30 minutes late.
2) The roof___________ fixed yet.
3) I just lost my car keys. Can you help me look___________?
4) The play ___________ at 8 p.m. Let’s meet at the theater entrance at 7:30, shall we?
5) My friend Lisa had a ___________experience when she was flying from Boston to Chicago.
6) The children___________ adore going to amusement parks.
7) I __________ anyone your secret. You can trust me.
8) If Paul ___________in the afternoon, he’d join the gym.
9) You __________ be thirsty. You just drank two bottles of water!
10) Is that the woman __________ had the terrible accident?
11) ___________ kind of movie do you prefer, action or sci-fi?
12) I like reality shows, but some___________ better than others.
13) This is the website ___________ asked me about.
14) Mike didn’t answer the phone. He ___________ sleeping, or he might be in a meeting.
15) Stephen King ____________ for his horror novels.
16) A: Why are you so sad? B: I’ve ____________ heard some terrible news.
17) We can’t make the cake. There aren’t ____________ eggs.
18) While she ____________ for the bus, it started to rain heavily.
19) It’s really late. You ____________ go to bed now or you won’t get up on time tomorrow.
20) I can’t go out. I____________ my homework yet.
21) My friend spends a lot of time ____________ Instagram. She’s obsessed with it!
22) You ____________ cook tonight. I’m going to order pizza for dinner.
23) Helen ____________ fail her tests. She hasn’t studied for them.
24) The shirt I bought isn’t ____________ for me. I’ll have to exchange it.
25) She didn’t enjoy her day at the beach because there were ____________ people around.
26) Ron suggested ____________ a DJ for the party.
27) My parents ____________ live in the country, but a few years ago they moved to the city.
28) Karen has decided ____________ karate lessons.
29) If you walk under a ladder, you ____________ bad luck.
30) The movie is a box-office hit. ____________ is talking about it!