Test de Nivel: Low Intermediate (A2+)

1) A: I´m starving! B: Don´t worry. I __________ ask them to bring our food quickly.
2) CO2 is produced when fossil fuels ____________.
3) This is the hotel ______________we saw on the brochure.
4) If we buy Fairtrade products, people from developing countries ____________ have better lives.
5) The first hot-air balloon ______________ from cloth and paper by the Montgolfier brothers.
6) A: Some studies have shown that people ___________ are tall take more risks. B: Sounds ridiculous!
7) A: Where ____________ if you could choose any city in the world? B: Barcelona.
8) A: How _____________ get the money? B: By organizing a spring concert in the park.
9) These authors ______________ a Nobel Prize for literature several years ago.
10) It´s cloudy now, but maybe it _______________ sunny later. Put on some sunscreen.
11) I _____________ to watch my favorite TV show tonight. I´m so excited. It starts at 9.
12) If you could travel back in time, ____________________change anything in your life?
13) Sally enjoys _____________ by the pool in the summer.
14) If it __________________ sunny tomorrow, we will spend the day at the beach.
15) Sally _________________ fly with us tomorrow. She is afraid of planes.
16) My parents usually stay at home on Saturdays, but today they _____________ some friends.
17) A: What happened to your camera? B: I dropped it while I ____________ it out of its case.
18) A: Why didn´t you buy those jeans? B: They were_____________. I don´t have that much money.
19) Patricia is a news anchor and she works very______________ every day.
20) My parents are so proud of me because I did ______________ on my exams.
21) A: ___________ you find a good bargain at the market? B: Yes. Prices were cheaper than in the grocery store.
22) They are planning to build a new school in our neighborhood. There´s _____________ work to do.
23) We________________ the soccer game last weekend. We had to study.
24) I´m reading about a terrible tsunami in Japan. One of my friends _____________ a link to the news story.
25) We _____________ a blog before. We´re going to do it as a school project soon.
26) Laura has been a foreign correspondent at CNN______________ 5 years.
27) My parents ______________ like the movie. They hate horror films!
28) My brother and I _______________ wear swimming caps every time we go to the pool. It´s a rule.
29) You _______________to book a table at this restaurant. It´s never crowded.
30) My best friend didn’t study for his exam, so he did __________. Now his parents are mad at him.