Test de Nivel: Elementary (A2)

1) Ben will go out if he ____________ his homework.
2) My grandmother believes I ____________ a famous actor one day in the future.
3) I____________ this book many times. It’s great.
4) Are you having _____________ problems with math? I can help you.
5) A: I forgot to tell Sue about the test. B: Don’t worry. I _____________ her.
6) There isn’t ___________ food in the fridge. Let’s go to the supermarket.
7) ____________ had a great time at the concert. They all loved the music.
8) Have you ___________ been to another country?
9) A: Is there___________I can do to help you? B: Not really, but thanks!
10) If you walk under a ladder, you ___________ bad luck.
11) I can’t go to the party. I have ____________ things to do.
12) A: How ___________ episodes of Grey’s Anatomy have you seen this week? B: About four.
13) There’s____________ at the front door. Maybe it’s my friend.
14) Megan won’t pass the exam if she _____________ study hard enough for it.
15) My father has____________ a lot of things today. He’s tired.
16) Where ____________ you go last weekend?
17) You _____________ wear a seatbelt when you drive.
18) What was Jerry ____________ at 7:00 yesterday morning?
19) Helen doesn’t mind ___________ for the exams.
20) William Shakespeare is England’s ____________ writer.
21) My grandmother ____________late.
22) Kathy _____________ her homework at the moment.
23) A: Where ____________ you yesterday afternoon? B: At home.
24) A: How often does Luke go ____________? B: Once a week
25) It’s midnight. You ____________ turn off the computer and go to bed.
26) When I finish lunch I’m ___________ a shower.
27) You ____________ use your cell phone in class. It’s prohibited.
28) I was reading a book ___________ you phoned me last night.
29) I think Adele is a _____________ singer than Rihanna.
30) I can’t go to the club tomorrow. I ____________ my little brother with his English homework.