Test de Nivel: Beginner (A1)

1) Juliet and I ______ lunch at school every day.
2) Karen finishes classes at three o’clock ________ the afternoon.
3) David _______ live in New York.
4) A: _____ your friends speak Italian and French? B: No, they only speak English.
5) A: Does Marianne _____ jeans to school? B: Yes, every day.
6) I _____ to the beach in the winter because it's cold.
7) A: _____ do classes start? B: Next week.
8) Sam _________ soccer. He likes basketball.
9) Michael goes _________ every week.
10) A: ________ does your mom go to work? B: She takes the bus.
11) Sam is going ________ to South Africa next week.
12) They’re ________ some friends from France in three days.
13) My father ________ for work two hours ago.
14) A: What are your plans for next weekend? B: I________ the second season of Stranger Things.
15) Pam’s birthday is ________ October 14th.
16) Where ________ you last night? I called you on your phone several times!
17) Pearl ________ tea and toast for breakfast this morning.
18) Rebecca ________ go on vacation last winter.
19) Ellen ________ the Ed Sheeran concert tomorrow.
20) A: ________a festival at school last week? B: Yes, it was great.
21) My sister can’t ___________ Italian.
22) Ron is sitting____________ of Alicia today.
23) We are twin brothers. ___________ last name is Morgan.
24) There aren’t _____________ parks near my house.
25) Linda _____________eat meat. She’s a vegetarian.
26) I think New York is _____________ than Miami.
27) There’s _____________ homework to do. Let’s get started.
28) What are the girls_____________ tonight?
29) He _____________ dinner with his family.
30) You _____________ feed the animals in the zoo. It’s prohibited.